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High gear water hauling

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Safety is our first priority

We ensure every contract is completed with safety and security top of mind

Our commitment

A Focus on Site Safety

Our goal is to ensure the safety of our personnel and our clients. Our employees are trained and certified well beyond what is required to establish a safe work environment. We equip our personnel in the field with protective equipment, and have developed strict procedures to prevent against workplace incidents.


Over the years we have developed a comprehensive safety and maintenance program. Our approach has been to make the system user friendly and encourage as much participation as possible. Our active Health and Safety Committee helps High Gear excel in safety within our office and in the field. This has resulted in many benefits, including an engaged workforce, a top tier safety record and reduced downtime.

trained to serve you better

recognized certifications

  • WHMIS 2015 

  • H2S Alive

  • First Aid training

  • Transportation of dangerous goods

  • Fall Protection Training

  • Confined Space Entry

  • CSO ( Common Safety Orientation )

  • COR Certified

  • WCB Compliant

  • Member of ISN & Comply Works in good standing

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Hazard Management

  • Wildlife awareness

  • Indigenous Awareness

  • Working Alone

  • NSC Fatigue Management/Hours of Service

  • NSC Trip Inspection

  • NSC Weight and Dimensions

  • NSC Cargo Securement

  • Site Specific Orientations

  • Continuous Training

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